Bright Little Stars, Inc. - Preschool | Billings, MT

Kids are our business


Build a strong foundation for your children

Your child's continued milestone accomplishments and academic successes all start with a solid education foundation in the basics. At Bright Little Stars, Inc. we teach colors, numbers, shapes, and letters to form this educational basis.

  • Pre-kindergarten classes

  • Daily computer time or tablet time for kids age 2 and up

  • Daily education: shapes, numbers, and letters

Preschool that goes above and beyond

At Bright Little Stars, Inc. we don't stop with the basic foundation. We go above and beyond! Our staff has a real love for every child and works diligently to help every child reach their full potential. Computer classes put your child ahead of their age group and we provide nutritious snacks and meals - including both breakfast and lunch.

Learn more about the custom curriculum awaiting your child!

Fun monthly themes

Daily preschool classes  

Customized curriculum

Transportation to and from school  

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Put your mind at ease

When you drop your children off with us for child care, you can feel confident that they will spend their day having fun, working on social skills, building self-confidence, having new experiences, and honing life skills that will prepare them for their early education and life beyond. We not only encourage children to think, remember, and experiment but also assist them to develop according to their potential.