Bright Little Stars, Inc. - Preschool | Billings, MT

Kids are our business

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There are certain qualities you need in a preschool or daycare: quality child care services, a qualified staff, top-notch educational programs, and affordable tuition.

Everything you need

Our mission and philosophy is to foster a safe, fun learning environment where your child can grow at their own pace. Their safety, health, and education are our top priorities.

Our priorities

Come to us for daily preschool classes and extended care. We're proud to be licensed and certified by the state of Montana. Ask us about available transportation to area schools.

Great perks available

Your child or children have both breakfast and lunch provided, plus a nutritious snack. Come to Bright Little Stars, Inc. for a customized curriculum, basic education, and much more!

Nutritious meals

At Bright Little Stars, Inc.,

kids are our business

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